Combining Traditional and Digital Marketing Approaches

The combination of traditional and digital marketing techniques is a must-have for impactful marketing across B2C and B2B consumers. A combination of both marketing tactics serves as a skyrocket that shoots up in the sky and the impact of the marketing campaign can be doubled.

  1. Join Events with Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

In the virtual world, the marketers who curate successful marketing campaigns for B2B type, depend on ABM in one way or the other. ABM technique is applied to the potential consumers who go even a little down the sales funnel process and there are high chances of their conversance.

ABM stands for Account-Based Marketing which involves targeting potential consumer’s accounts to convert them. ABM is highly used in B2B marketing. ABM is a very targeted approach that helps in the sales process. Targeted are then marketed specifically. Once the ABM target list is prepared, the marketing team utilizes all its power and focuses on capturing the users on that list. ABM is also a digital marketing approach.

Events are the gathering of like-minded people who share the same interests. There are specific events that are held only to benefit the business community. Events serve as a great source to leverage connections. B2B partners get together in events and do joint ventures. Marketing through conducting events is a traditional approach to marketing.

If we combine ABM with the events, the impact of digital and traditional marketing will boost up to the sky. ABM will help in pin-pointing the potential consumers and event will help in combining those individuals or parties together. In the event, marketing can be done effectively knowing that all people share common interests and attracting them with appealing offers.

  1. Combine Traditional Content Platforms with Geo-Targeting

Traditional content platforms are those platforms that were used to display information to people before the Internet. These include billboards, cards, banners, flyers, and such materials. The billboards are turning out to be a huge helping hand in B2B marketing as well as B2C marketing. Using billboards is a traditional approach but still is appreciated by marketers.

Geo-Targeting is an approach used in the digital world. Geo-locations helps to identify where the user is. Finding out that from which are your potential consumers are accessing your data helps in targeting them better. Many social media apps also use geo-location for better and targeted ads.

If we combine both traditional content display platforms along with the geo-locations, it will help in developing the interest of the consumer. Geo-location will pinpoint the location from where the site is accessed more. In that geographical location, marketers can perform survey. Then, the billboards are occupied to display the desired information.

Your targeted consumer will definitely cross that route and learn about your brand and will take an interest. Billboards can be hired of nay major location such as market, main crossings, bus-stops, etc.

Marketing is all about saying the right thing at right time and whoa you gained a customer. Billboards backed with geo-locations will serve the same purpose.

  1. Combine Direct Mail with Lead Nurturing

Direct mail is a very cliché method of traditional marketing in which letters or postcards are directly mailed to the housing address.

Lead nurturing is providing the users with the information that they need and that they want in the right time frame. There is a whole funnel based process through which a customer goes that is relevant to the marketing and sales team. At each step of the funnel process, is the lead nurturing that comes in action and subtly pushes a random user to become a customer.

If we combine direct mails with the lead nurturing, it will help to get a definite response from the consumer. If we already have generated four emails to the consumer and they were not responded, how many chances are left that the fifth e-mail will get a response?

In this situation, lead nurturing is combined with the direct mail to send flyers or postcards at the address of the potential consumer to pursue them. This will definitely help them drag down to the marketing funnel and a valid response from the consumer side is expected.

Use all the above mentioned amalgamated approaches to get more reach and to increase the response rate.

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