How to Guest Blog for Successful Link Building

What understanding do you have about guest blogging?

Guest Blogging:

Guest Blogging is a technique that is used in the modern world to increase the visitors and outreach of a blog. Guest Blogging is going to someone else’s blog and writing a post for them. It works just as the guest’s appearance technique works in the films.

If you want to succeed in guest blogging, learn how to master it. The following are some practical and correct guidelines for you:

  1. Be Selective

Always give preference to quality over quantity in this case. You can choose 100 blogs vs one blog that has more value and effectiveness. The one blog will give you the desired outreach than those hundred ones.

  1. Choose Niche

You can guest blog if you are yourself a blogger or a prominent writer with a defined niche. So, the process will not start from zero. You have already been working in a field. Care should be taken to guest blog in the niche in which you are an expert.

For instance: If you are a content writer, you should not go and write about sports. It is right that users might like your style of writing but that is not your niche so do not do it.

  1. Review the Site’s Performance

Make a list of sites that perfectly describe your niche. Then check their online performance and read reviews about them. If a site is performing well, it only can benefit you. The good performing site is good for guest posting.

Some of the key elements should be considered but they can vary according to your personal expertise level.

  • 5,000 + followers
  • Should have a prominent presence among the niche
  • Should have engaged users
  • Long-term readers can be plus point
  • Authority of the domain over 50
  1. Ask for a Featured Bio

Always make sure before guest posting whether you will get the featured bio or not. Credits are really important and can be a source of great connections afterward. So, do not miss out on this point.

No matter how excited you get if your favorite website has approached you, always discuss the featured bio so that there is no problem you have to face.

  1. Craft a Smart Pitch

If you are reached out for a guest post, study about that website and then pitch a rate that is impossible for them to leave or ignore. Develop ethics and skills to negotiate effectively. However, there are few more tips that will be shared in points ahead that will get you there.

  1. Research

Once you are confirmed about the guest post, go, and research about that site again. Takes several notes on how that site is managed? What are the types of posts that already have been posted? Which post got the most likes and outreach? Note all these points down.

  1. 7. Who to pitch?

Guest blogging is the same as connecting with real people. The more authentic you sound; the more people will like your posts. Brand yourself in such a way. Then, based on this approach reach out to the people who are managing that site or blog.

  1. Dig in Deeper

Reach out if there are other guest posts available on that website. Study about those people and their style of writing too.

  1. Be Direct

If you really want to grab that opportunity, then be straight forward. Directly put your conditions and do not over-share information. Do the needful. It is just a subtle way of depicting that you value your time.

  1. Tell About Yourself

If you are reaching out to someone or even not, give a brief introduction about yourself.

  1. Divide the blog post into sections

Those who are book-reader or blog readers, do not have enough attention span to read through the long paragraphs. So, try to keep your design minimalist, clear, and divide it into sections. If you do a numbered listing of points, that will work perfectly too.

  1. Use visuals

Add visuals to your guest post using some creative design. Do it on your own through Canva and build an amazing interface for your reader.

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