The Success Story of Pubg – The Most Popular Battle Royale Game of the Decade

The Success Story of Pubg – The Most Popular Battle Royale Game of the Decade

The recent decades have seen tremendous growth in the favorite”battle royale” genre and no matches are more notable than Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, called PUBG. It’s likely known to everyone by now. 100 players go into a plane, landing on an island with the support of a parachute. Empty-handed first using the ordeal to acquire firearms, grenades, and items together with the only intent of killing and survival the competitions. And, that’s where the battle starts. This is intriguing for individuals when you consider how one would behave in similar conditions. The match places the battle royale style on the entire map. However, how it turned out so profitable? Let us understand the success story.


Brendan Greene is the Guy behind PUBG. Amid his chance from the South American state, he discovered his love and got married. Nevertheless, it stopped after two decades and that he headed back to Ireland. He started making his own way in game development. This is actually the time once the timeless sport Arma two was modded to DayZ: Battle Royale, which turned into a massive success. The eyes were opened for Greene along with the match development company Daybreak hired him. However, he soon left that business.

The minds behind South Korean Bluehole was impressed with Greene’s thoughts and ideas on battle royale games. Bluehole desired him creative director and PUBG was around the horizon. In mid-2016, they began to develop the match using a zeal to launch it in a year. However, the programmers were in no mood to manage bugs. They concentrated on their sport testing. They outsourced their beta copies to numerous game testing services for demanding evaluation and supply feedback.

Within a year, the match had sold 50 million copies globally within PC and Xbox One. On Steam’s listing of the most obvious games, PUBG remains at the top, before matches such as Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But, irrespective of fine amounts, they’ve challenged. They needed to make the game simpler, compatible across different platforms, and much more significantly executing a comprehensive game testing procedure. Because they understood the significance of sport testing in a match. It not only enables developers to track down the bugs but also receive complete gameplay and review expertise.

Battlegrounds bring excitement and drama to the game. The combo is what makes the game really intriguing to watch, irrespective of any streamer’s person skill-level. With every game, you proceed through strong psychological moments: the elation of finding Math nerves as invisibly creep in the home, or the aid following having successful combat.

these behind reasons make PUBG MOBILE popular.


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