The German provider Adacor specializes in managed solutions for medium-sized and large companies and offers hosting, applications, and managed services in addition to its cloud hosting offer. The firewall as well as monitoring and backup management, which can be booked and runs in data centers in Frankfurt am Main, are also managed.


From 5.99 euros a month, Alfahosting * g offers a cloud server for small and medium-sized companies that can later switch to more powerful dedicated servers with their own hardware. Alfahosting’s servers are also located in Germany.


Busymouse’s data centers are also part of the Dogado Group (see below) in Germany and offer you services for Filecloud, Hosted Exchange and Sharepoint, document management with Reisswolf fit, and more from there. In addition, Busymouse also offers various partner models for resellers, which start at 14.99 euros per month.

Ccloud from Centron

Centron prides itself on setting up a cloud server in just three clicks and offering its Ccloud with dynamic resource settings that can be customized in detail. Each instance can be freely configured, from CPU cores to their priorities and the size of the main memory. When it comes to storage, Centron scores with the option of a fast data storage solution. Due to the flexibility, costs cannot be generalized.


The Swiss provider of IaaS solutions, Cloudsigma, specializes in small and medium-sized companies (from ten euros per month), but also offers big data options and completely individual solutions that can be managed via a self-developed API. In addition to migration services, it is also possible to choose servers at nine cloud locations worldwide – including in Germany.

Digital ocean

The American veteran Digitalocean * also offers data centers distributed around the world, including in Germany. The target group is developers because Digitalocean offers a range of services for deployment and scaling with Kubernetes. The solutions are therefore just as flexible as the prices – and just as open to the top.


In addition to classic web hosting, the German Dogado * also offers cloud servers, which the provider then manages on request. All offers can be customized and then billed to the minute. There are also classic managed services, including hosting and private clouds. The data center is in Düsseldorf.

1 & 1 Ionos

1 & 1 Ionos Cloud Server offers different variants of its services, which start at five euros per month. The choice of the data center is a feature and another that German customers are hosted on German servers. As with the large providers, the resources can be adjusted on-the-fly. The smallest Ionos cloud with a single-core CPU and 30 GB of memory starts at 0.0069 per hour, the largest with 24 cores and 480 GB from five cents per hour.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

The third-largest provider is Google, which is a little less well equipped and also covers the basic services of AWS and Azure and offers billing on a per-second basis. In addition, Google scores more through the use of CO2-neutral infrastructures that only use half as much electricity as ordinary ones. And through the focus on Kubernetes for companies interested in the deployment of containers. Google’s expertise in this area is probably ahead of the other two large providers because the company supports the project very intensively and of course also uses containers and microservices. Just recently, Google published information on the revenue of its cloud services for the first time and also launched a premium support model.

GCP also has a little less in store for storage services. The unified object storage is generically called “Cloud Storage” and offers a persistent disk option, plus transfer services such as Transfer Appliance, which are similar to AWS ‘offers. For databases, Google relies on a cloud-based SQL solution and a relational one called “Cloud Spanner”, which is designed for high workloads. NoSQL, on the other hand, is available in the Cloud Bigtable and Cloud Datastore variants.

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