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The best features of PUBG Mobile Season 8
PP-19 Bizon
The last season of PUBG Mobile brings a new SMG to the game with the biggest magazine so far. Due to the unique battery charger that runs along the barrel, this is not compatible with the charger or attachment accessories. However, the gun has a high built-in firing stability, which allows a low recoil even without a grip. The Bizon is a silent but deadly 9mm machine gun. It is more suitable for fast but precise combat in the near range. But keep in mind that it comes with a bit of a kick.

HDR mode
The HDR mode has been teased since most of us can remember, with PUBG Mobile promising its inclusion for almost a year. The new PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 update comes with a new HDR option that will offer better visual details and a smoother gaming experience, this mode is designed for users who play on devices suitable for high-end graphics support.

Rating Protection Card
Probably the most exciting introduction to this patch is the introduction of the “Qualification Protection Card.” This inclusion protects players from qualifying deductions when users are pushing the range. That effectively means that users can now maintain their ratings while qualifying at the toughest levels of the season. No qualification will be deducted while the card is active (players must activate the card before each game), however, the capacity of the card is limited to the Crown level or lower (it is recommended to reach Crown I level and then enable this card). The card will come in two types, depending on the duration or number of uses.

The power of the ocean – suits and skins with aquatic themes
The new season will also come with the latest line of fashion accessories and weapon decals based on several pop culture references associated with the ocean / sea like the Finding Nemo hoodie. The costumes also include a brightly colored clown fish costume that comes with a cute little tail. Moving on to the skins of the gun: Shark’s Bite, which is a DP28 finish, has painted shark teeth in the barrel and a shark tail finish. Perhaps one of the most precious costumes of this season is the Bronze Armor, with gold, black and white lines. Only players who achieve the coveted 100 RP status will be eligible for this.

Level transfer
The update also brings good news for new players and intermittent users. As part of the last amendment to the level transfer rules, as of season 8, the levels below Gold are transferred as they are to the next season. That implies that silver and bronze players will maintain their current level as they move into the new season

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