The depiction of Major Mayhem 2 – Gun Shooting Action

Firearms, projectiles, free and fun shooting activity! Download free, the world’s most prominent portable activity arcade cover shooting diversion and now play totally disconnected with no web!

Significant Mayhem 2 is quick, fun, activity stuffed, outwardly dazzling and simple to play. Point and shoot enormous weapons in a shooting amusement stick pressed with missions brimming with foes and diversion. Best of all It’s allowed to play! Spare the free world and your adoration life from the powers of fiendishness!


– New – Daily Survival Challenge Mode with online leaderboards and prizes.

– New – Offline mode. Play anyplace, whenever.

– Hundreds of foes to shoot!

– Dozens of prisoners to spare!

– Colorful, fun, HD illustrations with incredible activity.

– Great music that raises the activity and anarchy.

– Adventure through 50 hand created dimensions of relentless activity!

– 5 Big Boss Fights!

– 150 smaller than normal mission goals to finish!

– Light hearted storyline with a dash of funniness.

– Unlock and overhaul 20 firearms!

● Pistols

● Rifles

● Sniper Rifles

● Shotguns

● Bazookas

● and considerably more

– 7 interesting firearm types each with their very own interactivity style.

– Prove yourself by winning the 150 mission awards.

– Simple to play yet difficult to ace shooting diversion mechanics.

– Chickens!

– Win fantastic free rewards!

– Everything in the amusement can be earned totally free!

Fun, arcade activity ongoing interaction will keep you returning for additional. Shoot weapons, evade projectiles, protect prisoners, travel far and wide, to the moon and spare the world! Open and overhaul a wide range of firearms and release Major Mayhem!

● New: Mission goals are here! 150 smaller than usual mission targets for you to finish and win free rewards.

● Survival Mode! Play the day by day Survival Mode challenge and contend on the every day Survival Mode Leaderboard to win great prizes!

● Offline Mode: Play totally disconnected! Play one the plane, on the transport, on the metro, anyplace! Open reward cases and gain vitality without associating with the web.

● Take control in the best versatile cover arcade activity shooter! The free world needs your assistance! Be a definitive activity saint! Anybody can play this diversion with its straightforward tap to point and shoot controls. Be that as it may, not every person can ace it and spare the free world, would you say you are a saint? Demonstrate it! Download Major Mayhem 2 with the expectation of complimentary at this point.

● New in Major Mayhem 2, sharpshooter rifles with expert rifleman scopes that really work. Hit those objectives from a far distance with these world class and ground-breaking new firearms.

● Complete the epic activity experience by vanquishing those detestable lowlifess! Go up against the hired soldiers of abhorrence lowlifess enterprise outfitted with firearms, for example, guns, rifles, shotguns, marksman rifles, explosives, bazookas and tank on the test of tanks, assault helicopters, submarines and 5 monstrous manager fights you won’t overlook!

● Collect all the mission stars. Chain together stunning harm combos to procure stars and rewards. Is it true that you are adequate to gain them all? There are 150 mission stars to gather and 50 activity pressed interesting missions to ace.

● Travel the world over and to the moon in 5 totally one of a kind parts. Every part is set in a one of a kind situation loaded with striking and excellent HD designs and activity.

● Listen to the hints of war in the wilderness or the tunes of fight in space! Each dimension has an astonishing sound scape and music track you’ll appreciate. Get siphoned up, stack those firearms and let the projectiles travel to the beat!

Significant Mayhem 2 is as yet being effectively created. We will include more missions, difficulties and amusement modes, weapons, catalysts, outfits, characters and different treats for you to appreciate. Give us your input and recommendations and together we can make Major Mayhem 2 one of the best versatile weapon shooters out there!