PUBG Mobile Introduces Prime and Prime Plus membership, at the present time its limited to couple of nations yet it will accessible to all the PUBG players all inclusive soon. The month to month charge for the Prime membership is $0.99 ( for example around Rs 71) though for the Prime Plus membership is $9.99 ( for example around Rs 713). Be that as it may, the basic charge for the Prime Plus membership is $4.99 ( for example around Rs 356). In Prime membership client get 150 UC alongside Daily rewards. Be that as it may, In Prime Plus membership, client get 300 UC with 20 UC for every day login implies 600 UC every month, with an aggregate of 900 UC a month.

The data was broken by well known YouTubers Mr.Ghost Gaming and Allthenewsisgoodnews. These individuals guarantee the new membership show is as of now accessible on the KRJP server, though in a somewhat unique manner. There’s no official date of this membership framework making it to the Indian servers or their worldwide server starting at now.

A week ago PUBG Mobile got the 0.10.5 refresh which contained a 190MB download estimate, Royale Pass Season 5, ‘Exemplary’ voices, new weapons, and the expansion of Vikendi while making rooms. As of late, Tencent Games has reported another Awesome Patch, which will convey the Moonlight mode to the Vikendi Map for PUBG. Remarkably, the new Awesome Patch will take off to players of PUBG on PC and there is no data on the off chance that it will touch base on PUBG Mobile.