PUBG Mobile players enthusiastically sitting tight for another refresh can at long last go to Google Play Store and Apple App Store to download the most recent changes. Saying something about 1.5GB, PUBG Mobile 0.10 update adds the much-anticipated Vikendi guide to the amusement, including reviving ongoing interaction for players notwithstanding Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok.

PUBG’s Vikendi is a snow delineate is in no way like the lavish scenes of Sanhok or Erangel and the deserts of Miramar. The difficulties of playing in Vikendi are distinctive as the white frigid foundation gives away your position all the more effortlessly if not wearing white. In any case, tolerating the test is a piece of the diversion and here are a few hints that could enable you to arrive that “Chicken Dinner” (ideally not chilled like the guide).

The holy tip in PUBG Mobile is to arrive the best rigging, from Level 3 armours (vests and protective caps included) to best weapons to guard yourself till the end. However, finding the best loot totally relies upon the area you arrive. Like Pochinki is celebrated in Erangel and Boot Camp pulls in a great deal of players in Sanhok, Vikendi snow delineate its own best goals.

Before we drill down the best looting spots in Vikendi, players must realize that the guide is relatively greater than Erangel and littler than Miramar estimating at 6×6 km. The fascinating snow scene will enable you to recognize your foes effectively, yet it likewise neutralizes you when another person is endeavoring to kill you.

The genius tip is typically to arrive in the best loot area which falls in the plane’s direction not surpassing more than 600m, but rather you should be set up for some genuine activity. In the event that your protection and assault aren’t solid, you can arrive more remote and strategize your ongoing interaction when you have the best riggings. Presently given us a chance to list the best loot areas in Vikendi to locate that best protective layer and weaponry.


Manor in Vikendi delineate as well known as Pochinki in Erangel or Hacienda in Miramar. It pulls in a great deal of players for one reason alone – the best loot and strong safeguard to whoever lands first. The landmass idea of the area makes it an extraordinary battle zone with only one primary passage point. On the off chance that you’ve figured out how to get the best rigging, which relies upon whether the flight way crosses Castle, you can discover a spot in one of the towers to kill your adversaries.


There’s not in every case only one great area in PUBG maps. Goroka is the place to be in the event that you’d like to get all your weapon needs satisfied in one place, yet by moving between various houses. Goroka is an expansive town with firmly stuffed houses with great loot, however the ignoring slope close-by fills in as a killing point so avoid outside.


You can’t miss this spot. The monstrous complex offers some good loot in the event that you have the stamina to run rapidly. Be that as it may, the most fascinating piece here is the underground region, which is protected to loot as there is no risk from expert sharpshooters in the adjacent slopes. There are some high preferred standpoint indicates in the event that you oversaw get that valuable expert rifleman rifle and degree.

Dobro Mesto

Dobro Mesto is an all around pressed goal when the flight way crosses it. Players can without a doubt arrive some great riggings, weapons and throwables before leaving the area to the focal point of the circle. Put this place on your most loved rundown in the event that you long for that dimension 3 adapt.

In any case, on the off chance that you need some wellbeing from the activity, there are shacks toward the south of Dobro Mesto. Do look at it.


Like Dobro Mesto, Volnova is a stuffed landing spot to locate the best loot as long as it falls in the flight’s way. Regardless of whether it doesn’t, Volnova offers some great loot which won’t abandon you disillusioned. The territory is very enormous with numerous spots to investigate and you’ll doubtlessly discover enough supplies to fill that dimension 2 rucksack.


Contiguous Volnova is Cantra, another problem area for finding not too bad loot and some great apparatuses if falls in the flight’s way. In the event that you see a great deal of players heading towards Volnova and you’d like some sheltered begin, Cantra can serve you properly.