Grand Theft Auto : SanAndreas

Grand Theft Auto, 10 years old: San Andreas is a time tester, offering a complete and fun gaming experience in one of the best console ports to date.

Become a mafia leader
This is the last installment of the Playstation 2’s Theft Auto trilogy. For those who are too young to remember or not to play, the original GTA San Andreas is an important event in the Sandbox game and its steep level is groundbreaking. The story is an indispensable story in San Andreas. (According to Los Angeles) In the early 1990s, Karl Johnson (“CJ”), an assistant, came back from the East to help The Grove Street Family to the top. The main story, which takes about 20-30 hours to overcome, Carl had to travel to confront various gangs in LA, ride horses along the road, through hills and mountains, and plunder the casinos in areas that have been strong. Inspired by Las Vegas.

And that’s just the main thing

Like GTA V, there are many other ways to spend your time in San Andreas. Carl’s look is almost entirely customizable: not only will there be many hairstyles and tattoos to buy But he can increase the number or learn new fighting techniques at the gym San Andreas has a wide selection of 240 cars, a variety of arrays, including bicycles, speed boats and fighter jets. Complete the race training mission, and in general, spending more time on or on each vehicle will help you manage better.

Other missions and mini-games include stealing dates, vintage arcade games, and gathering teams to fight rival gangs for lawns. Such games have a lot of time-consuming methods, so each mention will not be suitable for this review. In order to alleviate problems with recording progress, San Andreas has introduced a checkpoint system to prevent you from getting stuck at the beginning of a long mission.

What about chaos?

One of the things that appeal to the Grand Theft Auto series is the full freedom of play. A lot of people play these games to sit down, release steam and create a disaster for the city. With large maps, numerous characters and many weapons, San Andreas has no problems that will make you feel very happy to enter the game.

how to play
San Andreas makes every effort to provide comfortable control. It has a few default settings and the game includes tilt control as well. The control is fully customizable: the buttons can be dragged to the desired part of the screen, which means you can drag the fire button anywhere you want. Overall, San Andreas is similar to other games that mimic the presence of Two joysticks This game is played with the thumb on the left and right side of the screen. It was a great effort and advanced from other sandbox games. From all of the above information, the controller still has problems.

Difficult driving missions or situations that have to be aimed by hand while wanting to shoot a gun are harder than intended. Like control, there is more restriction than a console or PC, such as: holding two buttons at the same time, especially while driving is incredibly difficult and doesn’t feel easy to use.

However, these problems will certainly disappear with the use of game controllers, which San Andreas supports. Control is one problem that makes this game back to normal again. They weren’t bad enough to interrupt the gaming experience. But will cause a little frustration

The graphics in the game have been improved to be able to use shadows, distances and character models better. As mentioned, if you expect to follow the modern GTA 5, you will be disappointed. However, with the size of the game, graphics can work well and still look better than many games in the app store, which is even more impressive when considered.